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Announcing the JNF GoNeutral Synagogue Affiliate Program

As a global environmental leader, Jewish National Fund wants to help connect your congregants to issues of world-wide environmental concern and Israel. Through our JNF GoNeutral Synagogue Affiliate Program, we will give you and your fellow synagogue leaders the resources to engage, educate and energize your community to make a difference. With 106 years of experience as caretaker of the land of Israel, Jewish National Fund has planted more than 240 million trees, transforming over 250,000 acres of arid land into lush green forests. Because of JNF’s forestry expertise and commitment to environmental protection, Israel is one of two countries to leave the 20th century with more trees than it had at the start. The trees already planted by JNF have absorbed an estimated 110 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

By joining the JNF GoNeutral Synagogue Affiliate Program:

• We will provide a link to the JNF website for your synagogue’s page. Your synagogue will encourage families through congregational advertising to use the JNF GoNeutral carbon calculator to offset their impact on the environment. On the JNF website, they can lessen their environmental footprint by planting trees in Israel OR supporting JNF’s important environmental initiatives on developing alternative sources of energy.

• JNF will give 20% of all donations received through this link to your congregation on a quarterly basis for environmental and Israel activities.

• We will provide you with outstanding educational content, program ideas and activities. This guidance will be an excellent opportunity to get congregational volunteers involved to lead these programs and initiatives.

To sign up or learn more, click here.