Reduce your impact on the environment with JNF GoNeutral

When you board a plane, drive a car, or even do your laundry it takes a toll on the environment. We encourage you to take measures to minimize your carbon emissions and help the Earth through our JNF program.

Through this campaign, you can calculate your impact on the planet, and become “neutral” by planting trees in Israel.

You can also choose to use your JNF GoNeutral credits to help fund JNF environmental programs that halt desertification, boost water supplies through reservoirs and waste water reclamation, grow crops efficiently in the desert and create green “lungs” around urban areas.

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Learn how to earn money for your synagogue with JNF GoNeutral

"I come to your site often, for inspiration and positive news about the environment. I'm an environmental attorney, and am so aware of global warming and our carbon footprint, that it was a natural for you to do this, and for me to be drawn to it.

My next step is to get my kids involved in your different groups doing their own environmentally responsible projects and raising money to help save our planet."

— Debra Pollack, JNF GoNeutral Contributor