JNF GoNeutral Shabbat
March 27-29, 2009
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March 27-29, 2009 marks the second annual JNF GoNeutral Shabbat. Join synagogues, schools and communities across the country by celebrating Shabbat in an eco-friendly way and learning about the connection between Judaism,
Israel and the environment.

Register to participate today, and receive an environmentally friendly JNF tote bag!

You will also receive a complete JNF GoNeutral Shabbat kit by mail.

You can also download the JNF GoNeutral Kits below, along with our JNF GoNeutral Shabbat Guides: one for schools and one for synagogues, to plan your JNF GoNeutral Shabbat. They include ideas for having a “green” Shabbat dinner or school meals, crafts, activities, sermons and texts, as well as ideas for projects and discussions that can be held after Shabbat. This weekend is a great way to make your commitment to “GoNeutral” in 2009.

GoNeutral Shabbat Kit Includes:

JNF GoNeutral Shabbat Guide – for SCHOOLS
JNF GoNeutral Shabbat Guide – for SYNAGOGUES
Letter – Participating in GoNeutral Shabbat
Press Release Template – personalize and send to your local media
JNF Affiliate Flyer
• JNF GoNeutral Tips Flyer

Questions? Contact us at education@jnf.org or

Debbie Scher, for congregational and community programs 212-879-9305 ext 298
Michelle Beller, for school programs 703-888-2235