Why Offset Your Emissions

Across the world, glaciers are melting, severe storms are becoming more frequent, and animals are being forced out of their natural habitats. Left unchecked, rising temperatures can have disastrous consequences for our planet, including intense heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and the extinction of species.

The temperature in the atmosphere depends on a balance between the energy coming to earth from the sun, and the energy bouncing back from the earth into space. Greenhouse gases trap heat that would otherwise bounce back into space. This heat causes the whole planet to become warmer.

While a variety of gases cause heat to be trapped, many scientists believe that carbon dioxide is largely responsible for this. The average person is responsible for emitting 23 tons of carbon dioxide each year. The first step in making a difference is to cut down on your emissions by making changes to your lifestyle. Another important step is to offset the emissions you are unable to eliminate. This involves calculating the amount of carbon dioxide you emit, and planting trees or supporting environmentally friendly JNF projects that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

*Image courtesy of the Australian Government