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Atlit Museum

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The Atlit Illegal Detention Camp Museum teaches the history of immigration to Palestine. It enables visitors to understand the struggle of the immigrants. The museum aims to educate visitors as to the immigrant saga using the following stations and activities: The Barracks: A reconstruction based on the original Camp built by the British Army during the 30’s. It introduces visitors to Atlit’s historical background, the British Mandate and Jewish immigration during World War II. The Promenade: This was the strip that divided the detention camp between women and men. It was the only meeting point between the married couples. The Disinfection Room: This area served as the reception center for all immigrants, and was the only original structure to survive the test of time. The Wired Classroom: This multimedia exhibit traces the journey of a Jewish immigrant boat, the “Haim Arlosoroff,” which allows visitors the opportunity to follow the voyagers’ experience while presenting the challenges of those times. BeNetivey Ha’apala: Literally meaning “The pathways of the illegal immigration,” the museum has set a goal to find out more about the 122,000 immigrants who came to Israel during WWII. Using state-of-the-art technologies and survivors’ oral histories, JNF and SPIHS are close to completing this project. Ma’apilim (Immigrant) Memorial: This site honors the 3,000 Ma’apilim who lost their lives trying to reach the Jewish homeland over the course of approximately 140 voyages.


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