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Timna Park

Historic Nature Sites

Located north of Eilat in the Southern Arava region of Israel, Timna Park combines incredible scenery and fun activities with a fascinating historical tale. The horseshoe-shaped park, created by tectonic plate movement tens of millions of years ago, spreads out over an area of 60 square kilometers and is part of the Syrian-African rift. JNF partnered with archaeologists to preserve rare petroglyphs at Timna Park. These ancient rock art drawings at Timna Park have become a five-year preservation project. The drawings, known as petroglyphs, date from the Late Bronze Age (ca 1300 BCE), and were discovered by Alfonso Nussbaum during the Arava Expedition more than 30 years ago. Timna boasts the world's earliest copper mine, dating from the time when man first began to smelt this metal. The technological revolution started here when metal began to be used in daily life. Through the support of its donors, JNF has invested millions of dollars to transform Timna Park into a premier recreational destination for Israelis and tourists alike.


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