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Ramat-David Air Force Base

Israeli Military History

Ramat-David Air Force Base was built in the 1940s for the British Air Force and, with the founding of the State of Israel, became one of the first bases of the Israeli Air Force. Because of its rich history and overall importance with the founding of Israel, JNF along with the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites is preserving and restoring the base’s most historic building.


The main restoration is of the Wing Command Headquarters of this base, which is located close to the Syrian and Lebanese borders. The Wing Command Headquarters formerly served as the Operations Center of the British Command. It was inaugurated by Roald Dahl, the renowned British author and pilot. The headquarters controlled the operations of the Air Force’s first battle squadron. It was also the operations center of one of the base’s first Israeli commanders, Colonel Ezer Weizman, who later became the Air Force Commander, Minister of Defense, and President of Israel.


The rehabilitation of the headquarters is ensuring the preservation of the unique structure along with it architectural character while creating a functioning building for the modern Israeli Air Force today. The restored headquarters symbolizes a bond between the Air Force that helped create the State of Israel and the Air Force that continues to fight for its survival today.


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