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Ein Shemer The Old Courtyard

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Visitors to this exhibit will learn about the early days of Kibbutz Ein Shemer, as well as the people who originally settled in this region. The majority of the historic buildings in the Old Courtyard, which is enclosed by a stone wall, have been restored to their original look. The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, a JNF partner, has been involved in renovating some of these buildings and adapting their interior design to modern day purposes. The history of the kibbutz and its residents is detailed in the museum located in the structure that used to serve as the kibbutz’s dining room.


The reconstructed basalt stone house on the site contains the archive of the kibbutz, an exhibit of weapons and a memorial room. There is also an archaeological museum that exhibits the area’s antiquities and archaeological finds relating to the old Sea Road. People who enter the restored residential shacks will see living rooms filled with furnishings typically found at the beginning of the settlement.


The site also features the original metal shop and foundry, tractor repair garage, a reconstructed bakery, a smithy, a machine shed containing an exhibit of agricultural tools and machines from different periods, and a granary containing an exhibit of modern agriculture. Those who visit can ride a tractor through the kibbutz and ride in a reconstructed Turkish train. A film explains the history of the settlements in the area. Activities include bread baking in the old oven, an operational olive oil press in season, as well as wheat harvesting and winnowing.


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