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Minkov Museum: The First Orchard in Rehovot

Early Settlements

This unique site preserves the oldest citrus orchard in Rehovot from 1904. It explains the fruit growing industry that flourished in the land of Israel more than a century ago. This citrus grove was special because it was planted by Zalman Minkov in 1904, a Russian Jewish immigrant, and was exclusively dependent on Jewish immigrant labor for harvesting and packing the citrus harvest.


The present citrus grove and accompanying support facility, was replanted and is currently being restored on the original site through cooperation between: the Minkov Family (nephew of Zalman Minkov), the Municipality of Rehovot and the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS) and various other donors. The original facilities and activities of the grove are being restored to operational status and include: citrus trees, fruit packing facility, original external combustion engine water pump, irrigation reservoir and aqueducts, owner's residence, rail carts that transported the fruit to the packing facility and introductory film.


Visitors to the site, both individuals and groups, can return to the beginning of the last century and experience the steps involved in harvesting citrus, proper care of fruit and packaging for market. Visitors can make fresh juice from picked fruit and see a multimedia presentation telling the story of orchards in Israel. The original external combustion engine still pumps water from 100 meters below ground.


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