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The Kinneret Courtyard

Agricultural History

The Kinneret Courtyard was established next to the Moshava Kinneret in 1908. The Agricultural Training Courtyard served as an agricultural and social laboratory during the period of the Second Aliya, it was here where the first buds of social experimentation developed, with ideas like the Kvutza (the small group - Degania), the Kibbutz (the big group Ein Harod), the Moshav (a communal settlement - Nahalal).


Also the feminist revolution takes place in Courtyard - the women's training farm known as Chavat Ha'almot (the maidens' farm) and the beginnings of the agricultural schools in Eretz Israel. Kinneret Courtyard was also a hothouse for burgeoning organizations, including the Hagana (Hebrew Defense Organization), the Mashbir Hamerkazi (Cooperative Wholesale Association for agricultural goods), the Farm Workers' Association and the Female Laborers Committee (the early women's organizations).


It was only natural for the leaders of that period to live and work there, in the Kinneret Courtyard. They included A.D. Gordon, Berl Katzenelson, Ben Zion Yisraeli, Zalman Shazar, Yosef Bussel, Shmuel Dayan, Yitzhak Tabenkin, Levi Eshkol and Rachel, the poetess.


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