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Bat Shlomo The Historic Street

Historic Building Sites

Baron Edmond de Rothschild established Bat Shlomo in 1889. Called one of the “daughters” of Zichron Ya’acov in the Carmel Mountains, it retained the format of the colonies that were created during the First Aliyah that took place from 1882 to 1904. These colonies faced many hardships. Within eight months, ten percent of the original settlers died of hunger or illness. Nearly 300 children died in the first twelve years of the town’s existence. These hardships led the residents to request help from Rothschild, who legacy in this area is mixed.


A businessman who regarded the settlers as peasants, Rothschild forced them to sign a blank contract relegating them to unlimited indenture. However, he gave them financial aid, agricultural support and schools. In addition, he spearheaded the Israeli wine industry. In his later years, Rothschild provided more unconditional support for the settlers. His mark on this area remains. In honor of Rothschild’s first visit in 1887, the town’s name was changed to "Remembrance of Jacob," the Hebrew name of his father. The nearby Binyamina is named for Rothschild’s Hebrew name, and Bat Shlomo for his wife.


Bat Shlomo’s Historic Street has 14 houses with a synagogue in the center. There are descendents of the founders still living in some of the houses, which are still in their original form.


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