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Binyamina Founders' House

Historic Building sites

The small town of Binyamina in the Carmel region has five early settlement sites. On display at the Founders’s House are the photographs of the founders of the colony, as well as their original belongings and documents. These artifacts have been donated by the residents of Binyamina. The archives of the colony are also maintained in the house.


Baron Binyamin (Edmond) de Rothschild played a major role in the development of this colony, which is named after him. The Tiferet Binyamin Synagogue, which bears his name, has served as Binyamina’s main synagogue since 1928. Two weapons caches of the Haganah were hidden in this synagogue during the 1940s.


Another interesting historic site is the station of the supernumerary police, which exhibits weapons, uniforms, photographs and documents from the period when the force operated in the area. On the same grounds as the supernumerary police station is the Founders’ Garden, which is a park featuring a grove and a playground. This garden was developed to commemorate the first settlers of the colony.


This colony also features a reconstruction of a founder’s house and farmyard, Beit Bezalel on Hameyasdim Street. It is the only building in Binyamina that has remained unchanged since it was first built.


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