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Atidot Hostel in Acre

Historic Building Sites

SPIHS is in the planning stages to preserve Pasha’s House, a Turkish building located in the grounds of the Atidot Hostel in Acre, a northern Israel city and a unique example of coexistence.


Atidot is home to some 100 mentally and/or physically challenged adults, run by the Department for Mentally Disabled Persons of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. It is located on grounds steeped in the cultural past, yet its name means ‘future’, holding out a life of self-worth and self-esteem for those stricken by fate.


Preserving the historic mansion, which now stands deserted and neglected within the Hostel land, will offer the hostel’s staff a valuable tool that will enable improved care of the hostel population and improve their condition.


Using the restored mansion as an open market through which the Hostel’s population will offer their self manufactured products, will establish a strong connection between them, the residents of the city of Acre and Israelis from every walk of life.


In conjunction with the Ministry, SPIHS has undertaken to restore the dilapidated mansion to its former splendor and to have it serve the residents. The building comprises 1300 sq. m. and requires structural reinforcement; restoring the frescoes, wooden ceiling, windows and decorated tiles; and painting and equipping 20 rooms for social and educational activities.


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