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Interfaith Mission of Teens Returns from Israel to Bucks County

January 10, 2008 -- Bucks County, PA -- On Sunday morning, January 6, 2008, a group of 41 Muslim, Jewish and Christian teens from the suburbs of Bucks County, Main Line, south Philadelphia, and southern New Jersey, arrived back home from what in their own words was a life-changing trip to Israel.

These teens were part of a Philadelphia area-based pilot program called The Common Ground Mission, whose goals were tolerance, diversity, and individual identity. From a look at the teens’ blog entries and their jet-lagged but heartfelt comments, the program was a huge success. 

"When you get to know each other as people," said one teen upon his return, "there's a different kind of understanding between you."

The trip was sponsored by Jewish National Fund (JNF); Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is the honorary chairman of the mission.

“As governor,” he said, “one of my priorities has been student achievement; education is the key if our youth are to become the leaders of tomorrow. The Common Ground Mission shares that priority and I am honored to help them create ambassadors of tolerance and develop leadership skills in the teens of our community.”
Gene Epstein, a philanthropist who works with JNF, conceived of this trip “because I want people to understand each other’s roots,” he said. “The best way to promote peace and understanding between the religions is for people to be exposed to the roots of those religions. What better place to do that than in Israel, home to many Islamic, Christian, and Jewish holy sites?”

“It's our world and we have to live together,” said one teen before she left. “I want to see our group bonding and getting along.”

The itinerary included visits to the holy sites of all three religions in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Galilee, Nazareth, hiking in the Golan Heights, a jeep ride in the Negev Desert, the Israeli Knesset and more.

“Instead of seeing each other in terms of conflict,” said Epstein, “it is hoped that the participants will be so inspired by their time together and the chance they had to get to and understand each other as individuals, that they will get back home and share what they learned with their peers. I have every reason to believe that Common Ground will diffuse hatred and bias and start a positive chain reaction in the world.”

Watch YouTube to see what participants are saying about their experiences. Go to

Participants are available to speak upon request at community religious institutions. For more information, or to make a request, contact Evan Levitt at 215-832-0697 or

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