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Major Supermarkets Support Israel’s Environment with JNF-OSEM Matzah With A Mitzvah™ Program

March 15, 2004 - New York, NY - A number of major supermarket chains across the United States are stocking their shelves for Passover this year with matzah from the Israeli company OSEM, enabling consumers to support the environment through the joint Jewish National Fund-OSEM USA program: Matzah With a Mitzvah™.

For every 5 boxes of OSEM matzah products sold, OSEM will make a donation to JNF to plant a tree in Israel. OSEM will also be advertising JNF's tree planting program, as well as the other important environmental work JNF does in Israel, on all Passover and matzah product boxes.

The program is called Matzah with a Mitzvah™ because planting trees in honor or in memory of someone special and donating to charity are Jewish traditions, and mitzvahs, [mitzvot] or good deeds! JNF, the largest and only Jewish organization whose mission is caretaker of the land of Israel, established its reputation by planting 240 million trees in Israel during the 20th century. The OSEM and Jewish National Fund Matzah with a Mitzvah™ program helps fulfill two mitzvot at the same time.  

“The Jewish people are looking for ways to support Israel,” said Izzet Ozdogan, President of OSEM. “This is a great way to do it - with one purchase you are fulfilling the obligations of Passover and planting trees in Israel-two mitzvot for the price of one!”

“JNF partners with for-profit companies that are looking for a way to support Israel through proceeds from their sales,” said Russell F. Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of JNF. “This partnership brings more meaning to consumers knowing that as they celebrate Passover and eat the matzah and matzah products, they also helped Israel.”

As part of the partnership, OSEM will place advertising messages on its Passover food packages that encourage consumers to plant trees in Israel with Jewish National Fund as gifts for weddings, bar mitzvahs and other occasions. OSEM, a 60-year-old Israeli company and the largest food manufacturer in Israel, produces its matzah products there.

Major supermarkets chains carrying OSEM Matzah and Passover products include A&P (NY/NJ), Acme (Phil/Southern NJ), Albertson’s (FL, CA, Southwest U.S.), Crown (CT), Dominiks (Chicago area),  Fairway (NY), Food Emporium (NY/NJ), Fred Meyers (WA/OR, Southwest US), Fresh Direct (NY), Fry’s (Southwest), Giant Food (DC/MD/PA), H.E.B. (TX), Hiller Markets (MI), Hungarian Kosher (Chicago area), Jewels (Chicago area), Kings (NY/NJ), Kroger (National), National Wholesalers (NY/NJ/CT) Pathmark (NY/NJ/CT), Price Chopper (NY, CT),  Publix (FL, Southeast U.S.), QFC (WA/OR), Ralph’s (CA), Safeway (National), Superfresh (MidAtlantic Region), Shoprite (NY/NJ/CT), Smith’s (AZ/NV/UT), Vons (CA) Waldbaum’s (NY/NJ/CT), Wegman’s (NY/NJ), as well as a host of other grocery stores.