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World Water Monitoring Day


JNF, with the generous support of the USDA Forest Service, has been an international participant in WWMD for the past 6 years providing testing kits and educational materials to schools throughout the United States and Israel.  Celebrated annually from September 18 – October 18, WWMD falls during the holidays of Sukkot and SHemini Atzeret when we begin praying for rain for the coming harvest season. While leading students in a science experiment to monitor your water sources, you can also discuss the Jewish concept of water as the source of life, the importance of water in Israel, and connect your local water testing to the state of the global environment.

This year we are proud to engage schools in taking action to help Israel combat its worst water shortage on record, in conjunction with your water monitoring activities through “Donate Your Drops”.  Register to receive your World Water Monitoring Day / Donate Your Drops program kit. Registered schools will receive a kit containing a video and poster set, a teacher's guide (with fundraising suggestions) and stickers.

Donate Your Drops:

Through educational activities, and collecting tzedakah, you and your students will “Donate Your Drops” in Israel. Israel is experiencing its worst water shortage on record. The “Donate Your Drops” program will support the JNF Rainwater Harvesting Program, part of the JNF Parsons Water Fund, directly impacting schools and students in Israel. Developed by Israeli schoolteacher Amir Yechieli, this innovative program serves a dual purpose of conservation and education. Tanks are installed on school rooftops to collect and reuse rainwater that would otherwise be wasted, reducing each school’s reliance on other sources of water by 77%. It costs $5,000 per school to install the water tank.

Educational Materials:


“We were successful in gathering data about two water sources in Allentown and the students had a wonderful time. I was still being thanked for a great field trip the day after! I entered our data on the website and am currently writing an article for Hakol. We took LOTS of pictures and had a great experience. Thanks again!”
    - Chelsea Battles, Science Teacher, Jewish Day School of Lehigh Valley, PA

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World Water Monitoring Day