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Help secure the future of Israel by giving to JNF and one of our wonderful projects in Israel.
Make a General Donation
When you donate to Jewish National Fund you become a partner with the people and the land of Israel. JNF uses every dollar where it is needed most.
The Sderot Indoor Recreation Center
After eight long years of hovering indoors terrified, the children and families of Sderot now have a safe place to play thanks to the secure indoor recreation center that JNF built. Help maintain the “largest Blue Box in the world” and fund ongoing programming.
Help Alleviate Israel’s Water Crisis
Israel has less than half the water it needs. JNF water projects are dramatically increasing Israel’s water supply but more must be done.
Support Israel Education Programs
JNF’s education programs bring Israel to the classroom, teach college students to speak up in the face of anti-Israel sentiment on campus, and provide hands-on Israel experiences.
Donate to Forestry Management and Fire Prevention
Help JNF maintain more than 250,000 acres of forests, and provide safety equipment and new trucks for Israeli firefighters - the first responders to any emergency.
Build New Communities in the Desert
Help build playgrounds, synagogues and day care centers, and provide affordable housing options for young families, immigrants, seniors, and young Israelis leaving military service.
Maintain Tourism and Recreation Sites
JNF parks, forests, historic sites and recreation areas offer Israeli citizens much-needed respite from the pressures of daily life.
Estate Planning
Demonstrate your dedication to Israel and plan your financial future at the same time.

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