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Alef-Bet Pic-Story
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Game Score:

Find the UNDERLINED words below in the wordsearch puzzle. They are hidden forwards, backwards, and diagonally. Just click on the FIRST LETTER of each word you find in the puzzle, then click on the LAST LETTER.
You get 10 points for each word you find.

The THIRD letter of the Hebrew alphabet is (GIMEL).
In Hebrew, we call a camel a (GAMAL). Originally, the letter was a picture of a camel.
The letter (HET) is the EIGHTH letter.
It began as a window & looked
like this:

In Hebrew, (HALON) is window.

The THIRTEENTH letter of the Hebrew alphabet is (MEM).
The letter began as a picture of water.
MAYIM means water in Hebrew.

Alef-Bet Pic-Story
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