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The Israel Advocacy and Education Department of Jewish National Fund engages, educates and energizes the Jewish community of the United States to a deeper commitment to the land and people of Israel. We achieve our mission by providing exciting and innovative programs and materials for students ranging from elementary school through college; synagogues and its leaders; and participants in JNF programs. In addition, we represent JNF in relations with the Federal Government and the United Nations.

Our programs offer a unique way to bring Israel to the classroom; to encourage student activism and leadership through our high school and college programs; and to involve communities in supporting Israel. To learn more about our programs, explore the information and links below and let us know if you have questions. For more information, contact us at 212-879-9305 ext. 245 or e-mail Download our Material Order Form to request any of the below educational materials, free of charge.

Kindergarten to 12th Grade Programs:

Yourpage for Teachers and Families

Teachers can find games, puzzles, stories, crafts and recipes ready to use in the classroom at

Educator's Guides to JNF's student newsletters, A New Leaf for grades 1 - 4 and Growing UP! for grades 5 - 8 can also be found at this address.

Students in grades 1 through 8 and their families can visit this site to learn on-line through interactive activities. At you will also find free animated e-greetings, contests and more!

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Plant Your Way to Israel

Plant Your WayJNF’s Plant Your Way (PYW) to Israel program allows students ages 5 to 25 to raise money toward a trip to Israel by selling tree certificates at a minimum of $36. The cost of a certificate is $36. Half of the donation will go to JNF to plant trees in Israel, and the other half will be placed in a special account on the student’s behalf.  The money can be redeemed for any trip to Israel.

For more details and to register on-line today, go to

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A New Leaf and Growing UP! Newsletters

A New Leaf is a colorful educational newsletter for students in grades 1-4, provided at no cost to schools three times each year at Sukkot, Tu B’shevat and Yom Ha'atzmaut. It contains stories, games, puzzles, crafts and recipes relating to the spiritual aspects of each holiday, Jewish values, Israel and the environment. At the New Leaf website, teachers can also download and print classroom activities. Growing UP! is a newsletter for Bar and Bat Mitzvah age students (grades 5-8) stressing Jewish values and active responsibility. An interactive web component with contests, games and public opinion polls engages students with opportunities to think creatively and express their opinions. Teachers Guides are provided with both publications, with discussion questions and ideas for classroom activities.

For more information, and to register your School, email:

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Blue Box Bob

Blue Box

 Volunteers dressed as Blue Box Bob visit students in grades pre-K - 4, connecting them to modern Israel while teaching the history of our homeland. Through innovative educational materials, the Blue Box Bob program fosters the values of nation building, active responsibility towards the environment, and tzedakah. Each school is also provided with a volunteer’s guide, fun give-a-ways, and Blue Boxes, the symbol of the bond between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Students will also have the opportunity to join the Blue Box Bob Birthday Club, and receive a fun birthday greeting from JNF each year!

E-mail us at to find out more!

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World Water Monitoring Day

October 18th has been declared International World Water Monitoring Day.  Jewish National Fund, through a grant of the United States Forest Service (, engages schools throughout the US and Israel in participating in this exciting program.  WWMD is a perfect opportunity to integrate Judiac and Secular studies, as October 18th falls during the time of Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret, when we begin to pray for rain for the coming harvest season. As you and your students are amidst your celebrations of this important water holiday, you can help them make an immediate connection to the concept that water is the source of life, by having them test their own water sources for temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and pH.  In addition to all of the water testing materials, JNF provides participating schools with our Fall Holidays New Leaf! and Growing UP! newsletters and educational resources about Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret in Israel.  Register at

E-mail us at to find out more!

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Tu B’Shevat In The Schools

SchoolsCelebrating the New Year for Trees holiday is a great way for students to connect with the land of Israel. By planting trees or holding a a Tu B’Shevat seder with JNF’s Branching Out Haggadah, students have the opportunity to learn about the spiritual and environmental significance of Tu B’Shevat, beautify Israel through the mitzvah of planting trees, and make a personal connection and impact to the land and people of Israel.

Register your school at

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Yom Ha’atzmaut Israel Independence Day

blueThis is an exciting holiday for JNF because of our abiding connection to the creation and development of the Jewish State. For your school’s own Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration, we provide a variety of materials. Materials include: A New Leaf and Growing UP!, Yom Ha’atzmaut stickers, Israeli flags, and a Yom Ha’atzmaut Haggadah to help you plan your school’s program, filled with Israeli history, facts, songs, games, and activities.

Click HERE to order your Yom Ha’atzmaut materials.

To find out more about our materials, e-mail us at, or call (212) 879-9305 x263.


JNF & U: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide

Jewish National Fund played a central role in establishing the State of Israel and is a global environmental leader bringing successes in Israel to countries around the world. So, it is very appropriate to choose a JNF project for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. If you’re interested in Israel, a JNF project is for you. JNF helps the people of Israel in many ways. You will receive a special JNF certificate at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah service for taking part in tikkun olam (service projects) through JNF.

Click HERE, and find inspiration to add meaning to your own Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.

JNF B’nai Mitzvah Kit

Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration is one of the most joyous occasions in your family’s history. JNF knows that you want this day to be meaningful and memorable. That’s why JNF offers you a variety of unique way to celebrate this milestone, including:

  • JNF Tree and Water Certificates/Invitations for Your Simcha
  • Inscription in the JNF Honor Book in Jerusalem
  • B’nai Mitzvah Remembrance Wall
  • B’nai Mitzvah ceremony and celebration in Isreal
  • Tzedakah Projects
  • Party Favors

Visit to learn more about these products.

Click HERE to request a JNF B’nai Mitzvah Program Kit, free of charge.

Big Map of Israel

MapThis 30’x 15’ (380 sq. foot) floor map of Israel emphasizes the connection between the student, the land, and the people of Israel. The vivid color of the map details many significant religious and historical sites, geographic regions, as well as major JNF sites (including river projects, major forests, reservoirs, and research stations). The Big Map is an excellent tool that provides a perfect starting point for Israeli history, Bible studies, as well as current events, trips and more!

We’re pleased to be able to offer a discounted price for JNF Schools- only $3,500 (Plus shipping from Israel, supplemental educational materials not included).

To find out how to acquire the Big Map, e-mail us at, or call (212) 879-9305 x263.

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GoNeutral Education Programs

Go Nuetral Logo

Students participating in JNF GoNeutral Education programs (JNF Green Corps for middle school, JNF Green Team for high school, JNF ProjectGreen for college) learn about environmental issues and work together on tikkun olam projects both locally and in Israel. The program can be incorporated as a lesson in a classroom, at a school, synagogue or summer camp club, or as a segment in a youth group meeting. Middle school programs are led by an educator, however, a committed student can lead high school programs. College programs are organized through Hillel or Chabad on campus. Each student who joins a JNF GoNeutral group receives an age-appropriate bi-monthly eNewsletter focused on an environmental theme, written by experts in the field. The eNewsletter also includes links to videos and music relating to the theme. In addition, JNF GoNeutral group members have access to community web pages on our JNF GoNeutral website. Middle school participants receive dog tags as they complete each project, similar to badges earned by scouts.

Click HERE for a sample of the high school eNewsletter, Green Times.

For more details and to start a GoNeutral group, go to

Caravan for Democracy, High School Edition

CFD HSECaravan for Democracy High School Edition prepares Jewish teens for the anti-Israel sentiment they will face on campus. The program empowers teens with concrete skills, advocacy training and the ability to respond to anti-Israel rhetoric in an intelligent and informed manner. The anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses, which has continued to grow in recent years, is only a small reflection of the world around us. Our students must be prepared for these challenges they will face when they arrive on campus. The Caravan program features a prominent keynote speaker, who can speak to students from the heart about the importance of advocating for Israel, a panel of college activists to motivate students to be involved, and a variety of break-out sessions which focus on the many topics of Israel advocacy. Caravan has partnered with Jewish schools, synagogues, youth movements and many other organizations to bring this program to over 6,500 students nationwide.

For more information, or to bring Caravan HSE to your city, visit or email .

Caravan for Democracy High School Edition (HSE) is an initiative of Jewish National Fund in partnership with Media Watch International, and American Friends of Likud.

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Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education

JNF is proud to partner with the Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education to promote participation in this outstanding eight-week program for high school students. Scheduled during the school year, the core program, located at its campus in Hod Hasharon, continues the students' academic work from public or private school and adds a powerful course of learning about Israel including trips and special seminars. The Muss Institute also offers uniquely designed extended study programs in Israel for American Jewish day schools.

To learn more, visit

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College Programs

Caravan for Democracy

Caravan for Democracy drives constructive dialogue on college campuses throughout the United States by bringing different speakers from Israel to discuss the challenges Israel faces as the only democracy in the Middle East. Caravan for Democracy provides access to resources and opinions to encourage critical thinking about the issues affecting Israel, its commitment to peace, how it is covered in the media and its unique role in the region. Caravan for Democracy is sponsored by Jewish National Fund and Media Watch International.

  • CFD Lecture Series features prominent Israeli figures that represent a spectrum of political and philosophical thought. Speakers will address students, answer questions, and are available for briefings with faculty, student leaders, and campus media.
  • CFD Speaker’s Tour features two to three prominent Israeli politicians, diplomats, and dignitaries who will travel for a two to three week speaking tour. Speakers will visit campuses across the United States, meeting with students and faculty, lecturing in classrooms and for the entire campus community. While in the U.S., speakers will also present programs in synagogues, high schools, Hebrew schools, and community centers.
  • CFD Small Programs Grants will help students bring speakers, advocacy trainers, and educational programs to their schools by providing additional funding.

More information about Caravan for Democracy can be found at You may also contact us at 1-800-969-5585 ext. 247 and by e-mail at

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The Annapolis Conference - Yossi Olmert

A RESPONSE TO : Anti-Israel Apartheid Week - Yossi Olmert

Taglit-birthright israel: JNF/Shorashim Trips

Join JNF and Shorashim on your first trip to Israel! If you are between the ages of 18-26 and have never been on a peer trip to Israel, don’t miss your opportunity for a free 10-day Israel experience through Taglit-birthright israel. With Taglit-birthright israel: JNF/Shorashim you will experience the great outdoors of Israel and experience Israel with Israelis, while visiting all the amazing first time sites in Israel.

Sign up for trips in the summer and winter at

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Alternative Spring Break

Make your spring break meaningful with JNF! Answering the needs of the Jewish homeland, Jewish National Fund (JNF) is sending 300 college students and young adults, ages 18-30, to volunteer in the Negev during their spring break vacations this March to help with JNF’s Blueprint Negev Campaign. This trip will be JNF’s third annual Alternative Spring Break connecting young adults to the land and the people of Israel through community service. The week will be spent working in and with communities in Israel’s Negev Desert. Days will be spent working in the fields, doing social service work and community service work; afternoons and evenings will be spent hiking, sightseeing, meeting Israelis, engaging in discussions, and study.

To learn more, click here

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Build Your Way to Israel

Build Your Way to Israel allows students ages 18 to 25 to raise money toward a trip to Israel by selling community certificates to help build the Negev. The minimum cost of a certificate is $36. Half of the donation will go to JNF towards building a community in the Negev, and the other half will be placed in a special account on the student’s behalf. Soon you will be able to register on-line!

To request more information e-mail

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Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME)

JNF is partnering with this important group of more than 10,000 academics from more than 400 campuses world-wide who promote Israel’s right to live in peace with its neighbors within safe and secure borders. SPME professors sponsor national conferences, mentor pro-Israel activists and challenge anti-Israel activists on the university scene.

For more information visit

Donate to Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Congregational and Community Programs

Essence of Life

American congregations are partnering with JNF to help fight the severe water crisis in Israel and make the Negev flourish. The Essence of Life Campaign is building a recreation area and water reclamation project at the Ramon Air Force Base near Mitzpeh Ramon in southern Israel. With the support and commitment of local synagogues JNF has a direct impact on the quality of life of the soldiers defending Israel and their families. Click here to see pictures and learn more about Essence of Life. Visit for a complete list of participating synagogues.

To learn more, please e-mail or call 212-879-9305 ext. 263.

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Tu B’Shevat Across America

Tu B'Shevat Across AmericaJoin hundreds of synagogues across the country in celebrating Tu B’Shevat with JNF. This program provides a special opportunity for congregations to have an exciting and meaningful celebration. We provide free speakers for services, Seders, and other programs. All participating congregations receive our Tu B’Shevat Across America Kit that includes tree planting forms, Blue Boxes, posters and other materials to enhance your celebration. JNF also provides TREEsource, an interactive site providing free Tu B’shevat programming for all ages, sermons from rabbis around the country and a Tu B’Shevat Haggadah. Go to to register, receive your kit, and join the Tu B’Shevat celebration.

Congregation Relations - Learn more

For more information, e-mail

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Speaker’s Bureau

Jewish National Fund provides a wealth of well-known professionals and scholars for Jewish community events and other occasions through our three distinct speakers bureaus. The Perspectives on Israel bureau consists of journalists who cover Israel, as well as diplomats, civil servants and professors. Each speaker presents a unique focus and provides specific briefings on current topics in Israel. Makor is a specially trained cadre of speakers from around the country who are dedicated to Zionism and the land and people of Israel. Speakers at Large, consists of JNF professional staff and Israel Emissaries available to speak across the country about Israel.

Book a speaker for your synagogue or school today! Contact or visit Speakers Bureau - to learn more.

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Government Relations

The JNF Government Relations Committee works to develop partnerships with the United States government and the United Nations to further cooperative relationships, conduct research, share technical expertise, and obtain educational exchanges. Current cooperation’s include the co-founding of the International Arid Land Consortium, the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the U.S. Forest Service.

To find out how you can join the Government Relations Committee or learn more about JNF’s work in this arena, call 212-879-9305- ext. 263 or email

Government Relations - learn more

Upcoming Projects

Please check back often for information on new and exciting programs and materials.

The Israel Advocacy and Education Department:

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