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Hevel Shalom-Ze'elim Security Road

gny_securityRoadProject Description: The main component of Israel's Disengagement Plan was completed in the summer of 2005 with the evacuation of the Jewish settlers and communities from the Gaza Strip and part of northern Samaria. However, the physical and human changes created by this plan continue to affect the lives of many thousands of Israelis, including those who live in large sections of Israel’s south that have now become border regions. KKL-JNF is continuing to use its expertise and resources to address the needs created by these changes. Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip means that the existing road from Sufa to Magen Intersection may be closed to civilian traffic. The 18-kilometer Hevel Shalom Security Road will provide an alternative route to the Ze’elim Intersection. This road, an extension of an existing scenic route in Nahal Besor includes an existing 8-kilometer section (Ze'elim-Gevulot) and a new 10-kilometer section (Gevulot-Pithat Shalom).

Location: The road is situated in the northwest Negev, close to the new border with the Gaza Strip.

Project Goals: To respond effectively and sensitively to the needs created by the Disengagement Plan. To provide a safe route to and from the communities of the Hevel Shalom region. To protect the local landscape and environment and encourage tourism in the area.

gny_securityRoadRationale: KKL-JNF has always been a leading partner in meeting the national challenges and tasks faced by the State of Israel, finding itself at the forefront of Israel’s checkered and dramatic history. Even before the Disengagement Plan was implemented, KKL-JNF worked to help residents in the area by building secure roads leading to and from their fields. It was only thanks to these roads that the local communities could continue leading fairly normal lives despite the intense military activity in the area. While KKL-JNF took no position whatsoever on Israel’s Disengagement Plan, it has used its unique expertise and experience to help guide the country as a whole, and those personally affected by the plan in particular, through this difficult and emotional time. The Hevel Shalom Security Road project will ensure safe access to and from the communities in the region, thus strengthening a peripheral area of Israel. The road will also encourage tourism in the area, bringing economic opportunities and further strengthening the region as it copes with new challenges.

Donation Impact: Through these difficult times, KKL-JNF managed to remain completely outside the fierce debate within Israeli society relating to the Disengagement Plan. At the same time, KKL-JNF could not and did not ignore the real human and physical needs created by this plan. KKL-JNF is playing a leading role in addressing these needs, and its neutral and professional stance ensures that its assistance is welcomed by all those involved. By supporting the Hevel Shalom Security Road project, you will be playing a part in the extraordinary and unending chain of Jewish and Zionist history. Whether you favored the “Blues,” the “Oranges” or took no position, you will be proud that, with your support, KKL-JNF is helping to improve the quality of life for all those affected.

Recognition: An appropriate means of donor recognition is available.

Be'er Sheva River Park Project

Be'er Sheva River Park Project

The NYC Regional Board has agreed to be part of the Be'er Sheva River Park Project. The 80 dunam Lake area of the larger project is particularly targeted by NYC to fund.

The many partners who have contributed to the advancement of the Be'er Sheva River Park believe that the implementation of the River Park plan will bring about a new platform for the accelerated development of the city. Indeed the rejuvenation of the river area promises to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Be'er Sheva and Southern Israel, and to restore the splendor of the ancient city of Be'er Sheva.

Our goal is to increase the population of Be'er Sheva from 200,000 to 400,000. Through the Nahal Be'er Sheva project, Be'er Sheva's image is being transformed into that of a green and vibrant city, truly the capital of the Negev.

Think about the quality of life in NYC without Central Park. It is our hope that we will give the people of the greater Beer Sheva area the pleasure of a major park.