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The Jewish National Fund of Greater New York Professional Circle offers individuals in law, business, real estate, and finance the chance to experience Israel through educational programs, cultural events, missions and fundraising opportunities. For more than 100 years, Jewish National Fund has been the caretaker of both the land and people of Israel. Today, we continue to focus our efforts on the environment and community development. Through the Professional Circle, you can get involved through our programs and missions to Israel that support important initiatives to improve the lives of all Israelis.

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For more information on any of the below societies, contact Beth Daniel.

JNFuture is the gateway for the next generation to Jewish National Fund (JNF), the oldest voice speaking on behalf of the environment and community development in Israel. JNFuture reaches out to individuals in their 20s and 30s through programming and events, missions to Israel and forums with young Jewish leaders to engage and increase support for JNF’s initiatives. Over the past century, JNF has planted over 240 million trees, built over 180 reservoirs and dams, developed over 250,000 acres of land, created more than 1,000 parks, provided the infrastructure for 1,000 communities and educated students around the world about Israel and the environment. Today, JNF is restoring northern Israel, and is putting its century of experience to work with Blueprint Negev, supporting Israel’s newest generation of pioneers in developing the Negev Desert, Israel’s last frontier.

We invite you to participate in JNFuture’s various leadership, volunteering and funding opportunities.

For more information click here, contact Gabrielle Carlin, Campaign Executive, or call 212.879.9305 ext. 506.

volunteer corps

If you have a strong belief in caring for the land of Israel you have come to the right place! Join the VolunteerCorps and be a part of engaging, educating and energizing members of the Greater New York Jewish community to raise support and awareness for JNF’s projects in Israel and programs in the United States.


JNF Women’s Alliance, started in 2005, offers women the opportunity to interact with likeminded women who connect to the people of Israel on many levels professional, emotional or ideological and gives them the opportunity to share their passion with each other and their counterparts in Israel.

The Greater New York Women’s Alliance aims to involve women in the national work of the Jewish National Fund. By educating women about the vitality of JNF work in Israel, we hope to recruit donors who are passionate and dedicated to the JNF mission. The Women’s Alliance offers a variety of activities throughout the year including exclusive insider briefings on Israel, educational seminars, recreational and cultural activities, quarterly updates in our Together newsletter and on the JNF website, and a unique Queen of Sheba Women’s Mission to Israel.

$360: Minimum annual membership to Women’s Alliance

Your membership entitles you to:

  • Attend programs during the year that keep you updated on events in Israel.
  • Participate in projects connected to the development of the Negev, Israel’s southern region.
  • Attend insider briefings.
  • Receive the JNF Together newsletter.
  • Network with like-minded women in your area.

JNF New York Women’s Alliance Steering Committee


Shirley Bell Amdur
Laureine Greenbaum
Amy Iles*

Steering Committee
Roberta Bar-Levav
Honie Berko
Louise Chazen
Linda Heller
Linda Jacob*
Ruth Leibert
Randi Charno Levine*
Hannah Low
Rita Salfeld
Evelyn Sassoon
Sheila b. Scharfman*
Linda Walker*
Edith Wulach

*Sapphire Society member