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What is Operation Northern Renewal?

More than one year has passed since JNF launched Operation Northern Renewal, a $400 million, 10-year worldwide plan to rebuild and renew northern Israel after the Second Lebanon War. Thanks to the efforts of donors across the country, $10 million has already been raised to help the residents of the Galilee. Here’s how the campaign looks today:

What happens in times of crisis-- how much preparedness, how much equipment is available and what is the need?  All this was brought to light by the crisis with Hezbollah and its attack on Northern Israel.

Jewish National Fund’s history has been to lead and to learn.  We learned during this crisis of the bravery of the foresters of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael/Jewish National Fund.  These people dedicated themselves to protecting every single tree.  They fought the fires bravely, even when Katyushas were falling around them, and sometimes with only small hoses, old fire trucks, and no protective gear.  All while standing in the forest, unsure of where the next rockets was going to land, only sure that it would.  They were there to protect the trees planted by two generations of Jews.

The JNF Operation Northern Renewal Campaign is vital if we want the quality of life to be enhanced for residents in the North.  This is the role of Jewish National Fund. 

The Galilee represents 20% of the land of Israel with 17% of the population.  We are one with the land of Israel and we need to be strong from the north to the south for the people of Israel.  Every inch of the land and every person is important to us. Working in partnership with the people of Israel, we will be for Israel, forever.