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In 2009 I went to Israel for my first time with Bnai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO), and I fell in love with the land. For three weeks, I learned about the history of the conflict with the Palestinians, the history of all the sites I learned about at Hebrew school while sitting at those very places, and learned how to advocate for the holy land, amongst other things.
Four years later, this past summer, I finally got the opportunity to go back. I worked for four weeks at a camp in Arad. I was very much integrated into the society, having an apartment with the other American counselors, hanging out locally with the Israeli counselors, and being greeted on the streets by people as if I were a member of the community.
The summer of 2015 I plan to go back to Israel once and for all, by making Aliyah. For now, I spend the time I’m not working educating students about Israel and the conflict in the Middle East, as well as advocating for the land of Israel. While I am helping Israel here in the States, it hurts me to have to wait two years to help the country there once again.
In March of next year there is an Alternative Break program through Jewish National Fund (JNF) for Jewish college students. I have committed to raising $1,500 for JNF's Operation Carmel Renewal, a project to rebuild the north after a devastating fire in 2010, and in return they will pay for my trip to Israel. During the trip, I will do over twenty-five hours of community service in Northern Israel.
Please support me by donating to JNF. The JNF is an organization over 100 years old that helps Israel in many ways, including education, security, and community development. What many people best know the JNF for (or at least what I have always known it best for) is one of its forestry and ecology programs, of planting trees in Israel. My Bat Mitzvah invitations were from JNF, and in return each invitation I sent had a tree planted to represent it somewhere in Israel. JNF also donated a skate park to Arad, where I spent a lot of my free time this summer, and donated a 9/11 memorial to Jerusalem. Thanks to JNF, Israel is the only other country in the world to have a memorial for 9/11.

If you are not comfortable making a donation online, you can print out the form below and send it into the address listed.
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Jewish National Fund Office
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*All donations are tax deductible, as all the money is supporting JNF*