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This March I'll be returning to Israel to serve some of the nation's developing communities. I will be participating in the Jewish National Fund's (JNF) Alternative Spring Break (ASB) for my third time. 

ASB is a week-long service trip structured with different community building projects each day.  

I see this trip as an extension of the work I do for Legacy Community Housing, the nonprofit in Southwest Atlanta who employs me to do community building. It's a passion of mine to take part in initiatives that revitalize and uplift communities. These efforts are as essential to the communities of the Negev Desert as they are to those of Southwest Atlanta.

Since 2003, the Jewish National Fund's Blueprint Negev campaign has been very successful in reinvigorating economically depressed and forgotten desert cities. Their campaign focuses on community development, affordable housing, employment, environmental sustainability, and agricultural research and development. By empowering existing communities and creating new ones they have given all of Israel's citizens the opportunity to enjoy an improved quality of life. In a country where liveable space is extremely scarce, this campaign is redefining how people view the Negev, a desert that makes up 60% of Israel’s landmass but is home to just 8% of the population.

Your tax deductible donation to the Blueprint Negev campaign is a tangible contribution that will change lives; it will help turn barren, isolated land into a place where people can work, live, and flourish. In order to go on ASB I committed to raising at least $1,500 to support JNF’s work in the Negev. As of 2/18/14, I've met this initial goal and I will be in Israel on March 1st.

I'm continuing to spread awareness and seek contributions for the JNF's work. Your money will go directly toward sustainable development projects like the ones I mentioned above. 

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I am so grateful for your support of my participation and of those I will try to assist in Israel =)