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Welcome to Sarah Leib's Personal Page!

A little over a year ago, I went to Israel on my birthright trip. During my two weeks there, I fell absolutely in love with Israel, the people, and the culture. Not only did I fall in love, but it helped me figure out how I wanted to identify myself as being Jewish. That experience made me realize I wanted to become more involved in my culture and religion. Ever since I got back home, I've yearned to go back to the Holy Land. I could not stop telling my friends and family stories about my experience; I guess this was my way of reliving the experience. Which brings me to the main point, I WANT TO GO BACK TO ISRAEL.

I now have an amazing opportunity to volunteer in Israel and raise money for Jewish National Fund through their Alternative Break program. That being said, I plan on going to Israel for a week during my Spring Break.

I am so excited to be joining other young adults for a week of community service and connect to the land and people of Israel in such a meaningful way. What makes me really excited about this whole trip is that this volunteer opportunity allows me to look at Israel through a different lens. Rather than traveling quickly through the wonderful and beautiful cities of Israel, I get to volunteer and give back to a place that has made such a huge impact on my life. 

As part of my participation, I have committed to raising at least $1,500 to support JNF’s groundbreaking and innovative work. They work to develop the land of Israel through a variety of multifaceted initiatives from sustainable development projects like the one I will be working on my Alternative Break.

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I greatly appreciate your support of my participation and of Jewish people everywhere.

Thanks again!