Jewish National Fund

Send Me To Israel!

Two summers ago, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime, as I traveled to Israel for the first time as a part of the Taglit Birthright program. I traveled the country, seeing the most beautiful landscape, and experiencing the unique and rich Israeli culture. Ever since then, I have gained a strong appreciation for the holyland, its culture, and its people. As a reform Jew, visiting Israel instilled in me a strong sense of pride, not only for the land of Israel and it's people, but also for the morals, values, and customs that belong to the Jewish people. I returned from Israel with a new-found perspective on the country and its resiliant, amazing inhabitants. I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Israel the first time, and I would now like to take advantage of this opportunity to return.

As a participant of this program, I will be traveling to the southern portion of the country, participating in community service projects to better the condition of the nation. I have this opportunity to raise money for the Jewish National Fund and connect with Israel and its people in a much more meaningful way. Please consider supporting me in this endeavor by making a donation to my fund! I am very excited about this opportunity to improve and connect with the land of Israel, and I look forward to returning to the Jewish state.

Thank You!