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Welcome to My Personal Page


            I am Megan Miller, writing to you to tell you about my exciting summer plans and to ask you to consider helping me fulfill my dream of attending the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) program.

            I want to attend the AMHSI program this summer for two reasons. This opportunity offers me the chance to make lifelong friendships and learn the history of Israel, in Israel. I will be spending 6 weeks studying in all different places throughout Israel and enhancing my connection with my homeland.

           There is another reason that I want to travel to Israel this summer. As you probably know, I have geared my studies with an eye toward a career in the sciences.  Our homeland, Israel, is a major force in the world's most cutting edge and significant scientific breakthroughs.  For example, one amazing invention is the Oxitone watch that serves as an early clinical response for cardiac or pulmonary attack. During my studies this summer in Israel, I plan to begin to develop contacts in Israel's scientific community and eventually to perform research alongside Israel's scientists.  AMHSI will be a stepping-stone to achieving my goal of participating in science research in Israel.

            The Jewish National Fund began in 1901 as a way to re-establish a homeland in Israel for Jewish people everywhere. JNF continues to environmentally brighten the desert by planting millions of trees as well as in countless other ways. Just as JNF provides a solid foundation for the sound environment in Israel, AMHSI provides a foundation for the history of Israel and awareness of the country, in each and every person.

            One half of your tax deductible donation will go to JNF’s green initiatives and the other half is used to help fund my efforts to attend the AMHSI summer program.

            I appreciate your efforts to not only help me study in Israel through the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program, but also for assisting with JNF’s efforts to develop a GREEN Israel!

           If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me at