Jewish National Fund

Zoe Goes To Israel!

Hi there family, friends, and neighbors!

So, heres the deal, I have the opportunity to volunteer in Israel through the Jewish National Fund as an Alternative Spring Break this March! Can you imagine a cooler birthday month???

I am SO excited that this is actually happening! I will be with a bunch of other young adults for a week of community service in the North of Israel! I've wanted to go back to Israel since I left, and can't think of a more  meaningful way to do so.

As part of my participation, I have committed to raising at least $1,500 to support JNF’s work to develop the land of Israel through a variety of multifaceted initiatives (such as the sustainable development projects I will be working on my for my Spring Break.)

It's easy to make a difference - just click the button on the left to make a donation.

I greatly appreciate your support of my participation and of Jewish people everywhere.

Thanks again!