Jewish National Fund

Operation Send Jordyn to Israel!!!! (Again!!!)

As most of you know, I traveled to Israel this past summer for my first time. The 10 days I spent there was the most amazing experience and I cannot thank Birthright and Shorashim Bus 5 enough for making my trip so memorable and making me feel at home.
Despite going to Hebrew school for 7 years when I was younger, I always felt out of touch with my Jewish heritage after not being able to be Bat Mitzvah-ed due to family struggles. On my Birthright trip, I became a Bat Mitzvah at the top of Masada, and it was truly the most amazing day of my life. 

All that being said, I have thought about returning to Israel every day since landing back in the States. After realizing all that Israel and JNF did for me in regards to becoming a Jewish woman (officially), getting in touch with myself and seeing a different side of me, I wanted to do something for both Israel and JNF and be able to feel like I was giving back to them for all the amazing things they did for me by sending me on my Birthright trip. 
In order to give back, I decided to spend my Spring Break (March '17) in Israel doing service and volunteer work through JNF's Alternative Break program. In order to be able to go, I have set the goal of raising at least $950 for JNF. 

So, I am inviting you to help if you can, whether it be money or moral support. Every cent counts, as does every bit of encouragement. I am eager to make this happen and can't wait for the journey ahead of me! If that sounds like a possibility, click the button on the left to make a donation, OR shoot me a message of support. Every consideration is much appreciated:)

Xoxo, ‎Jordyn (‎Yardena)