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AEPi Forest

Dear Brothers, Alumnus, and friends of AEPi

The Aleph chapter of IDC Herzliya would like to present to you our latest project!


In our eyes, a forest represents AEPi and Israel in the perfect way: A group of brothers believing in one goal, cultivating a fraternity as well as a country that grows and continues to grow stronger with every passing day.  This is how our idea of creating a forest came about. Nothing is more symbolic than a tree, an ever-lasting growing organism, with strong roots that are hard to break down. Just like AEPi that thanks to its strong roots in the different comunnities and helps rasing and educating generations of Jewish leaders.(And we are talking about planting 5000 of them) Part of this initiative is to install a BBQ area and a place to get together with your family and friends whenever you visit Israel, this place will be open to EVERYONE to enjoy!

As we all know, without trees, humans cannot survive. As trees release oxygen to the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide, making sure we can all breath clean air, we too (brothers of AEPi) wish to breathe life into a cause which is undeniably important and entirely sustainable—with your help!.

It would be a great honor if you would join us in our efforts in creating a forest. We strongly believe in this project and together we can make it happen! PLEASE help us plant a forest for AEPi (and for the world) in Israel, a place where brothers from around the world can unite to share their experiences in this wonderful country. Please donate any contribution you can—every bit counts!

We hope that one day, this place will be a home to brothers and families of AEPi and Israelis in general;
a place for picnics, strumming on a guitar, throwing a ball with friends, brothers and family or simply chilling and hanging out under the shaded trees.

So, Can we count you in?!?!? #LETSPLANTTHOSETREES !


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