Jewish National Fund

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This past summer, I was so lucky to get the chance to travel to Israel with my parents and synagogue. One of the amazing experiences I had, was visiting the Sderot indoor playground. This beautiful facility was built by JNF for the children of Sderot, which is a town located less than a mile from Gaza. Rocket attacks on the city have killed dozens of Israelis, wounded many more, caused millions of dollars in damage and make it very difficult for the children to live normal lives.  

These attacks come from Hamas supporters, who launch rockets at Israel from their rooftops and backyards in Gaza - less than one mile away.  These Qassam rockets are loaded with sharp pieces of metal, glass or any other objects they can find that will explode and fly through the air on impact.

Unfortunately, Sderot residents have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter once they hear the bomb siren go off.   Even though bomb shelters are positioned every 150 yards throughout the city, 15 seconds is not enough time for children who are playing outside to make it to a shelter safely.

The JNF built this indoor playground in 2009.  The facility serves as a playground and community center.  It was constructed in an old textile warehouse and retrofitted with 300 tons of steel.  It has a soccer field, volleyball court, movie theater, disco, rock climbing wall, snack area, computer center and jungle gym.  It hosts weekly performances by clowns, magicians and has homework workshops and tutoring staffed by college students.  During the summer, day camps use the facility.  

I want to raise money so the children of Sderot can always have a safe and secure place to go for their after school activities, without the psychological trauma that comes with living under the constant fear of attack.