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Operation Carmel Renewal: From Black to Green Firetrucks

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operation carmel renewal banner

You can create a Tribute page to show your support for Israel's firefighters and the State of Israel.

On December 2, 2010, the worst fire in Israel's history broke out in the Carmel Mountains near Haifa, destroying 5 million trees and 12,500 acres of planted forest, natural woodland and open spaces. After four days of continuous fighting, the Israeli firefighters succeeded in dousing the flames, but the road to recovery has only begun.

JNF's Operation Carmel Renewal: From Black to Green campaign is working to revive the damaged areas, beginning with cleaning up the affected area, and continuing by planting trees and cultivating the forests until they are restored to their original beauty. The Operation also includes providing firefighters with much-needed equipment and replacing supplies that were depleted during the fight. The restoration of the Carmel Forests may take years, but your donation can have an immediate and long lasting effect on the region.

Watch a broadcast of IBA English TV in Israel on the fire, the needs and what JNF is doing.

For more information on Operation Carmel Renewal: From Black to Green, visit

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