About Plant Your Way

Plant Your Way to Israel is a tool to help you fundraise for ANY Israel trip. It allows participants to take an active role in paying for their trips while building the land of Israel through JNF afforestation projects.

Plant Your Way to Israel has awarded close to $500,000 in scholarship funds to PYW participants to go on a range of Israel trips. Our online fundraising platform provides an easy and accessible way to tell your friends and family about your Israel trip or program and accomplish something meaningful by supporting JNF in the process.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of fundraising! We have plenty of tried-and-true fundraising tips from past participants, and our JNF staff is here to provide you with the support you need.


“The Plant Your Way Program was a tremendous help when I was searching for funds to attend my trip. It gave me the opportunity to reach out and have the community not only support a teen trying to get to Israel, but Israel as well… I am grateful for programs like this, because without them, getting to Israel as a high school student would be a lot more difficult.”
-Brian T., Alexander Muss High School in Israel

“The only way I was able to attend the Ramah Seminar trip was by fundraising and applying for scholarship. My biggest success was through Plant Your Way to Israel. I managed to raise $1800 towards my trip. I sent out mass emails to friends, family members and other people in my community asking them to make a donation.”
-Kayla K., Ramah Israel Seminar