Jewish National Fund

Social Media

Social media provides you with a quick and fun way to broadcast your support of Jewish National Fund to your entire network. Use these tools to spread the word and share your passion for funding groundbreaking and innovative work to develop the land of Israel!

Facebook and Twitter tips:

  • Always include a link back to your personal page.

  • Switch it up! Use photos and videos in addition to text posts.

  • Thank your donors publically on their social media pages or by tagging them in posts.

  • Keep your networks up-to-date on your progress.

  • Use the hash tag  #JNFAltBreak 

  • Tag @JNFUSA and @JNFaltbreak in your posts!

  • Make sure that your tweets don’t exceed 140 characters (use the & sign, shorten your URLs, use contractions when possible and substitute numbers for words)

Sample Facebook Posts

  • I’m raising funds to bring an enhanced quality of life to all of Israel’s residents! Please support my fundraising efforts today!

  • I’m on a mission to make a BIG impact for Jewish National Fund! Donate today and help me raise big bucks to enhance the quality of life for all Israel’s residents.

  • Did you know that Jewish National Fund is greening the desert with millions of trees, building thousands of parks, bolstering Israel’s water supply and helping develop innovative arid-agriculture techniques? That is important work that I’m passionate about supporting. Donate now and help me support JNF’s mission!

  • WOW! JNF Alternative Break was an amazing and inspiring experience. Thanks to all of you who contributed to my fundraising. The event might be over, but my commitment is not…donate today!

  • Help me reach my goal! I have raised $XXX towards my goal of $XXX. Donate today and help enhance the quality of life in Israel through greening the desert, building parks and bolstering the water supply!

Sample Tweets

  • I’m kicking off my fundraising efforts for @JNFUSA to enhance quality of life for Israel residents. Please support my efforts!

  • I’m excited to be participating in #JNFAltBreak and I could use YOUR help. Please contribute to my fundraising efforts.

  • I’m working hard to reach my fundraising goal of XXX for #JNFAltbreak. @JNFaltbreak is greening the desert & building parks! Help today!

  • I’m raising funds for @JNFaltbreak in honor of {insert personal story}. Support me today!

  • I'm halfway through fundraising and I’ve raised $XXX towards my goal. Don’t miss your chance to support my efforts!

  • I’m on a mission to make a BIG impact for @JNFUSA! Donate today and help me raise big bucks for Israel.

More Fun!

Use these banners, logos and widgets to visually show your support for JNF. Use them on your blog, social network site or on email to make spreading the word about your efforts even easier!

  • Cover Photos

    Alternative Spring Break Facebook Banner

    Your Voice in Israel Facebook Banner

    Camel Facebook Banner

    Israeli Flag Facebook Banner

  • Profile Pics

    JNF Facebook Profile

  • Logos

    JNF LogoJNF Plant Your WayJNG Alternate Break Logo10 Year Anniversary Alternate Break Logo