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Welcome to Camp Yavneh's Israel Fires Relief Page

Recently, fires were raging across Israel for about a week. Although they are out now, much damaged occured:

  • Estimated 10,000 acres of forests burned by fires set by arsonists.
  • Fires threatened or destroyed thousands of homes in Haifa, the surrounding Jerusalem area, and other areas throughout the country.
  • In Haifa alone, 700 homes damaged; 37 destroyed; 400 uninhabitable; 70,000 residents evacuated.
  • More than 2,500 men and women deployed on the frontlines to fight more than 630 arson blazes.
  • Over 569 homes burned down throughout Israel.
  • 480 water tanker flights were deployed by neighboring countries to help extinguish fires from above.
  • 137 people suffered fire-related injuries.
  • Firefighter resources have been depleted, and it will take time to restock and repair what was lost.

Now is the chance for us to help Israel and her firefighters repair and rebuild. JNF needs your help desperately.

In the last 5 days of the fire, Israel spent over $5 Million to replenish their supplies, and to fix damaged fire trucks.

Join Camp Yavneh as we stand together with Israel in this time of need. The money we raise will help re-supply and support firefighters in the field now.
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